About us

Who We Are

 Go girl, Grow girl! is a bi-monthly subscription box service that caters to your self-care and wellness needs. Each box contains 4 handmade curated items from local black and minority-owned businesses, plus a small plant for you to grow with! In every box, you will find something that appeals to your taste, touch, smell, earth, and soul. We hope that you enjoy these items as each box is made with love.  

Our Why 

I absolutely love subscription boxes! While in college at Bethune-Cookman University, I would scrape any extra money I had together to purchase the latest affordable box. As a struggling student, it was one luxury I made sure to afford myself every month. The boxes were a special part of my self- care routine and I got to try products that I did not have the time or patience to find myself. I would excitedly count down the days until my next box and when I finally got it, I would think, “Ahhh, finally my little bundle of utopia!”. I loved being able to indulge in products that defined my dream lifestyle instead of my current broke, college student reality.

While I adored my boxes, one thing became clear as each one came—most of the products were not designed for people like me. The shampoo would be catered towards women with fine hair but, what about my thick and curly tresses? The makeup would have beige undertones and never fully complimented my skin's golden-brown hues. I knew that luxury beauty products from Black-Owned companies existed so, why was I not seeing

 them? Why were products made for black women not as readily available? As I researched further, I learned that not only did the caliber of products I was looking for exist, there were plenty that were equal to and better than the ones I had been frequently exposed to.

I took the knowledge from that research and began compiling lists of a variety of quality merchandise from Black and Minority-Owned businesses. My subscription box aims to allow these companies to showcase their products and expand their audience to women who would also like to find their little bundle of utopia so we can all GO GIRL, GROW GIRL!